Cleanly carved letterforms and simple sign designs provide an attractive alternative to conventional two-dimensional signs. The facets which result from carving letters into the wood's surface create strong shadows and distinct highlights, accentuating the letterforms and rendering the sign readable, even with minimal illumination.

The quality of a sign originates in it's design and is expressed through the skillful execution of that design.

At Northroad Wood Signs, we begin by carefully selecting and preparing the wood for the sign blank. We primarily use pattern grade mahogany, while on occasion substituting clear heart redwood, sugar pine or exterior grade composite board, depending on the sign application.

To aid in the design, placement and sizing of the letterforms, we use a computer software package which allows careful tailoring of the sign's design before it is transferred to the wood blank.

A computer controlled carving device and numerous hand tools are used to precisely cut the design into the sign surface. This method ensures a crisp and clean appearance, which contributes to the sign's beauty and legibility.

All Northroad signs are primed and finished to provide maximum durability. Because any paint finish is impacted by weather and light conditions, we take special care to ensure that the wood surface is sealed against the weather and finished with quality sign enamels.

Whether placed in a commercial setting, hung on an interior wall, or set along a country road, a Northroad carved sign will complement it's surroundings, while providing clear and accurate information.